5 Steps To Igniting a Powerful Disciple Making/Church Planting Movement

Step 1:  Entry Stage

Before you can begin to see a powerful missional movement of Disciple Making/Church Planting you need to have an "ENTRY STRATEGY" in place.  What's an entry strategy?  It's your initial plan for how to bring the Gospel of Christ into your mission field so that it takes hold.  It's your plan for developing a "Beachhead" in your mission field that will allow you to expand and take over the rest of the area for Christ.

Step 2:  Gospel Sowing Stage

Once you've established your presence in the mission field by implementing your entry stage strategy, now you need to sow the Gospel of Jesus Christ liberally!  How will you do it? What will be your strategy for getting the Good News of Christ out to ever increasing groups of people?

Step 3:  Nurturing Growth Stage

Just like any harvest fields that begin to show growth there also need to be the watering and nurturing that continues to until its time to harvest, so there needs to be the nurturing of new believers in spiritual growth and obedience to Christ and His commands.  What is your strategy for help new believers grow in Christ and become reproducing disciple makers?

Step 4:  Harvest and Bundling Stage

Now its time to harvest!  In this analogy the harvesting means church formation.  Every great movement results in the formation of new churches.  What is your strategy for taking this new believers and growing disciples and help them form into new churches.

Step 5:  New Missionary Leader Stage

The final stage is the raising up, training up and unleashing of new apostolic leaders who will go and ignite new movements in different places.  What is your strategy for identifying, training and commissioning these new missionaries?

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