3 Hinderances To Living A Powerful Missional Life

When it comes to understanding how to live a missional life that brightly shines the Light of Christ and the things that keep us from that kind of lifestyle we really need to consider three hinderances. These are three things that will keep you from any kind of desired lifestyle but especially a lifestyle that shines the Light of Christ on a day by day basis.

Hinderance #1:  Not Realizing What's Involved To Live A Powerful Missional Life

This is a problem of KNOWLEDGE.  You're failing to live that powerful missional life simply because you don't know what it takes to have that kind of lifestyle.  You don't know what skills are necessary, you don't know what kind of attitude is needed, and you don't know where to begin.  This hinderance is solved through education.  Anyone can gain the information needed for developing the skills of a powerful missional life; anyone can learn the common attitudes that most powerful missional people have and through training a person can begin to develop a road map, with a starting point identified, that they can use to pursue this kind of life.  EDUCATION IS THE SOLUTION!

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Hinderance #2:  Not Pursuing A Powerful Missional Life

This is a problem of MOTIVATION!  If motivation is the issue keeping you from living a powerful missional life that's because you have competing desires pulling your heart away from shining the Light of Christ.  This might be because you haven't fully surrender both your heart and will over to the authority and control of Christ.  It may be that we still think that the world has something to offer us and have failed to come to a heart conviction that all pursuits of this world is meaningless.  We are still trying to seek both the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of this world in the same time.  The solution to this hinderance is an experience with God that creates a total brokenness of our heart and soul.  It's an experience with the living God that brings a new passion, a new desire and new goals.  It's an experience that leaves us with just one desire and that's to be in complete harmony with the desires of God.  BROKENNESS IS THE SOLUTION!

Hinderance #3:  Not Achieving A Powerful Missional Life

This is a problem of persistence.  If you know what to do and you have a true hearts desire to live that powerful missional life that brightly shines the Light of Christ in your part of this dark world but still haven't accomplished it yet it becomes a matter of just not giving up!  It's deposition of tenacity.  It's that warrior or athlete attitude that says, "No matter what I will never quit; I will never give up; I will never surrender.  With my very last breath I will be pursuing living that missional life that makes Christ known.  People who don't quit are the ones who achieve their desired lifestyles and goals.  For them it's just a matter of time.  It's not "If" they achieve it but "When" they achieve it.  PERSISTENCE IS THE SOLUTION.

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