6 Principles For Cultivating Missional Friendships

Missional Living is all about relationships! It is impossible to live a powerful missional life without having developed strong relationships with those people you are trying to reach for Christ.  That doesn't mean you have to develop a relationship with a person before you share Christ with them. That is a popular belief but it is not one that held up by scripture. There are examples after examples where people share the Gospel with people on their very first encounter with them. So, please understand me YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE RELATIONSHIP WITH A PERSON BEFORE YOU SHARE JESUS!  But with that said I do believe that the development of strong and healthy relationships that are Godly becomes the proof to many that the message of the cross is real and authentic.  It can become the bridge that helps people who've heard the message you already brought them believe and receive. Take a few moments and listen to this video to learn 6 principles for developing those relationship you've begun on the mission field. 

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