16 Proofs Your Missional Living Is Sincere!

One of the most effective tools for living a powerful missional life is the ability to sincerely love those who don't know Christ.  Listen to what Jesus says in John 13:35

"By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another."

Did you see that? The proof of our life in Christ and the proof of us living a sincere missional life is our ability to love others.  How we love others will speak loudly to those who have not surrender their life over to Christ if our message is true or not.  


But what does love look like when it comes to missional living?  It's a nice thought but how do you put it into practice?  Let's take a look at 1 Cor. 13:4-8 and see how the Bible describes love and through it we will get a better idea of how we are to love those who don't know Christ yet!

1.  Missional Living Is Patient 

How patient are you with people?  Are you willing to allow time for the Holy Spirit to work in their life?  Or are you pushy and demand people to respond quickly and immediately!  When it comes to missional living we need to remember that we are working on God's time table and not our own.

2. Missional Living Is Kind

Kindness is a virtue that is an absolute essential when it comes to share Christ with people.  Being helpful and meeting peoples needs people know you are not just all talk.  Dale Carnegie has been quoted saying, "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."  When it comes to missional living that is so very true! 

3. Missional Living Is Not Envious

Missional Living is never about what you can get from others but what you can give to them. When you are envious of people (their lifestyle, possessions etc..) it's nearly impossible to sincerely share Christ and His love for them.  Why? Because your eye is on what someone has and not on whom (Christ) you can share with them.

4. Missional Living Is Not Boastful

Missional Living is never about bragging yourself or making yourself look good! Mission Living is bragging on Christ and making him look desirous. 

5. Missional Living Is Never Proud

Missional Living is be willing to go to the homeless, the helpless, the beaten down and the forgotten. People filled with pride have no room in their heart to associate with the outcasts of this world. By the way those were the ones Jesus specifically targeted to go and share the Gospel to first. 

6. Missional Living Is Not Rude

Missional Living is sincerely being nice to those of the world.  There are to many people in the name of "sharing the Gospel" sound more rude and hateful. How is possible to sincerely share God's Good News and do it rudely?  You can't!

7. Missional Living Is Not Selfish

Missional Living is not about "YOU" but about "OTHERS".

8. Missional Living Is Not Angered

Missional Living can take the insults, the slandering, and the abuse and still feel love and compassion even for those who are hurting them. 

9. Missional Living Doesn't Hold Grudges

Missional Living doesn't keep any records of wrongs done to them.  There will be times when someone will hurt you over and over again but its you unconditional love for them that God uses to soften their hearts and come to faith in Christ.

10. Missional Living Doesn't Enjoy In Evil

Missional Living abhors when evil men and activities advance.

11.  Missional Living Rejoices In Truth

Missional Living is all about sharing the Truth. The truth of Christ which can set people free!

12.  Missional Living Protects

Missional Living is about helping and protecting people and their reputations and not about harming them.

13.  Missional Living Trusts

Missional Living is about trusting God to do His work as we are being faithful to our job of sharing the Gospel and making disciples.

14. Missional Living Hope

Missional Living always believes that at some point individuals that we are praying for and sharing with will come to faith in Christ.

15. Missional Living Perseveres 

Missional Living never quits - never gives up - never stops.  It's always advancing!

16. Missional Living Wins

Missional Living is about sharing with the people of this world how they can "WIN" IN CHRIST!