Why Should I Sign Up For Your Newsletter?

You Should Subscribe To The Ordinary Christian's Newsletter If:

  • You want or need encouragement to live a life that reflects and shares the love of Christ to others who need to see it and experience it.
  • You want to receive some really good but simple training that will help you join Christ on His mission!
  • You're wanting to join God's movement of raising up, training up and unleashing a workforce to enter the Spiritual Harvest Fields and bring in the harvest.
  • You sincerely desire to live out the purpose for which God has you here on earth for. 
  • And here's a great reason:  IT'S FREE

What Can I Expect To Receive?

The Ordinary Christian's Newsletter is intended to empower, encourage and equip the everyday Christian to live powerful missional lives that shine the Light of Christ brightly in their part of this dark world.  With that in mind you will receive blog posts, video's, training material and information about other resources that will help you to live that powerful missional life.

Can I Unsubscribe?

ABSOLUTELY!  On each newsletter email there's a link towards the bottom of the page that allows you to unsubscribe at any time. Our prayer is that this newsletter will become such and encouragement to you and resource that will stimulate you to shine the Light of Christ even brighter that you won't even want to think about it.

How Often Will I Receive It?

We send out the newsletter 2 maybe 3 times a week at this point.  All of the content is either intended to encourage you, empower you or equip you to reflect the glory of Christ in both word and deed!  

Are You Going To Sell My Email Address?

NEVER!  It will absolutely NEVER happen!  We know your email is important to you and needs to remain secure. So you can rest assured that we will never and I mean never sell, share or give away you email address!

How Do I Sign Up?