10 Thoughts Church Members Have About Their Church Doing Evangelism"


As a pastor I have often wondered what my church members were thinking when I mentioned that we were going to go out into the community and share Jesus with people!  Here's a short list of 10 possible thoughts that might be going through their minds.  Read and see which ones best describe your thoughts! 

#1:  Is He Serious Or Just Kidding Around?

Some church members are so shocked by the idea of going out to share their faith with others that when the topic is brought can’t believe the Pastor is being serious.

#2:  I Don't Know How To Do That!

Many church members have never been trained to share their faith and the thought of doing so makes them very nervous.  

#3:  I Don't Feel Comfortable Doing That!

Even if church members have been trained to share Jesus they still may feel uncomfortable doing so because they have done it long enough or practiced it long enough to become confident in doing it.

#4:  I'll Be Busy That Day!

That doesn’t mean they’re already busy on that day but now that they’ve heard what the church is going to be doing they are going to make sure they are busy.  It’s an excuse.

#5:  I'll Go But I Won't Like It!

There are lots of church members who show up for everything that that church does but don’t like it and will make sure the pastor and everyone else know they don’t like it.

#6:  What Kind Of People Will We Encounter?

Meeting strangers or people who are different from us is very scary for lots of church members.  

#7:  God Hasn't Gifted Me As An Evangelist!

This is a great spiritual excuse for not sharing your faith that’s just doesn’t hold water.  While it’s true that God hasn’t called all Christians to be an evangelist, it is equally true that He has called all Christians to be a witness for him.

#8:  This Isn't Why I Come To Church!

For many Christians being a witness to the community of Christ is not why they go to church. They like the fellowship, the music, the preaching or whatever but the thought of sharing Jesus is the farthest thing from their mind.

#9:  I Guess It's Time For Me To Find A New Church!

For many church members the first thought of mobilizing the church to go out and share witness is the sign it’s time to go find a new church.

#10:  YES, Finally We're Getting Serious!

However, they’re those church members excited and anxiously waiting for their pastors to raise them up, train them up and unleash them to go share Jesus and shine the Light of Christ.  They will be excited about this church direction.