Stop Waiting For Perfect Conditions Before Joining Christ On His Mission

Missional Living always happens when we hear the call of Christ to come join Him however, that invitations doesn't always come when conditions are perfect. As a matter of fact Followers of Christ often hear the call of Christ during some of the most difficult of times.  

  1. How will you respond to Christ when you hear his invitation to join Him on his mission where he's at?
  2. Will you be ready to leave the safety of your surroundings and join Him?  
  3. Or, will you hide from what you perceive to be the dangers of where Christ is at?

Take a few moments and watch this Missional Living Devotional and be empowered to join Christ where he's at work when Christ calls you to join Him.

Do you know of other Followers of Christ who have put off joining Christ on His mission because they don't feel the conditions are right? Do you feel this devotional could encourage them to drop whatever it is that's holding them back and join Christ where He's at? If so, take a few moments and share this post on Facebook, Twitter, and your other social media venues.

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What Are Some Of The Storms That Have Kept You From Joining Christ On His Mission?

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