Should Christians who are on mission with Christ boycott companies just because they don't agree with their social agenda?  Undoubtedly you've been encouraged to do so! But is that the best approach when your desire and aim is to shine the Light of Christ brightly in your part of this dark world?  MAYBE NOT! 

Take a few moment and watch this video to learn about a different perspective when it comes to this practice of Christians boycotting companies.  Now please know that I am not ruling out the possibility that boycotting is appropriate especially when it comes to some group like, Planned Parenthood, who as part of their service kill babies and sell their body parts.  I am referring to companies that have legitimate service and goods but maybe their social agenda isn't what we would want as a Christian  

Watch the video and then leave a comment sharing your thoughts. Please remember to keep your commitments respective and not hurtful.  

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